New Online Casino Game: M88 Maria’s Baccarat



    New Online Casino Game: M88 Maria’s Baccarat



    What is M88 Maria’s Baccarat? 


    This latest feature from M88 Mansion and celebrity partner Maria Ozawa, Baccarat, is an online casino game that can be found on one of the many rooms on Studio M88 Europe. 


    This fast-paced card game is a staple among avid players with its simple mechanics and gameplay. The objective is to predict who between the Player or the Banker has a hand total closer to nine. 


    Aside from that, there are also side bets that give variety to the game. Bettors may wager that either or both initial hands would be pairs. 


    How to play M88 Maria’s Baccarat? 


    To start playing M88 Maria’s Baccarat, wait for the live dealer to call that the round is open for betting. A timer would flash while the cards are being dealt. 


    Place bets by clicking of the value of the chip and then selecting on any of the colored tiles or boxes. Once the countdown is over, the dealer would reveal the cards and the winning hand is determined. 


    The playing area and popup screen provides lots of information, from result history to settings that help improve performance of the game and its graphics. That said, these many elements, along with the video stream, might be too much for players with slower internet. 


    This Maria Ozawa-endorsed live table is recommended to those who want some quick rounds and have some disposable money on their wallet.