10 things I love about Maria Ozawa

10 things I love about Maria Ozawa

June 6, 2022

There are a lot of things to love about Maria Ozawa. Trimming them down to a list of ten is quite a task, but we will still try. 

 Here are ten things I love about Maria Ozawa. 

 She has natural appeal 

Maria Ozawa - blonde hair with earrings

 There are certain people who are just natural head-turners. Maria is one of them. 

 She is approachable 

Maria Ozawa holding a Jose Cuervo bottle

 Maria likes to meet her fans. She makes time to talk to them. 

 She is physically fit for her age 

Maria Ozawa in green top and army shorts

 Her “Mornings with Maria” video series on her Maria’s Room YouTube account is proof of how she is keeping herself trim and healthy. 

 She is always on the go 

Maria Ozawa pointing toy gun

 If omnipresence is a superpower, then Maria has it. She seems to be everywhere at any time. Just look at her schedule. It is amazing that she can attend every activity that is in her itinerary. 

 She is hardworking 

Maria Ozawa holding a fish

 Maria is not who she is now if not for her ingenuity. She has many things going for her: her personal social media footprint, her projects with M88 Mansion and with other entities that she endorses, as well as everything else in between. 

 She has a lot of ideas 

Maria Ozawa wearing white sleeves

 In relation to the previous two items, her being on the go means she is never without a hustle that is keeping her occupied. Maria has dabbled on a lot of things, and she continues to try on new ones. 

 She is intelligent 

Maria Ozawa's visit in the Philippines last March 2022

 Connecting this from the last point, she would not have thought of these things if there was nothing between her ears. 

 She is an all-around celebrity 

Maria Ozawa's Silver YouTube Play Button

 How many famous people can say they are adept at a lot of things? 

 She is the queen of reinvention 

Maria Ozawa on the beach and surfs

 How many times have you seen someone smoothly transition from one career track to another and be successful in whatever pursuit they are doing? 

 She is strikingly beautiful 

Maria Ozawa in Sensō-ji

 I just have to reiterate this. 

 That is my list of ten things I love about Maria Ozawa. What is yours?