Getting to know Maria Ozawa: Fast Talk

Getting to know Maria Ozawa: Fast Talk

June 24, 2022

The one-of-a-kind press conference Maria Ozawa, One Night Only: Live in Manila that was held back in April had a portion where our celebrity entrepreneur answered questions from fans around southeast Asia. That “Fast Talk” segment, although quick and short, gave more insight into what Maria is all about. 


We will go through some of her answers here. Read on to figure out why we centered on these. 


Straight hair or curly hair? 

 This is one of the first questions that she hesitated for a bit before giving an answer. After putting some thought into it, she went for curly hair.  


Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream? 

 Maria is not really into sweets, so we are not sure if her laugh to buy time to answer is whether she had a hard time choosing between them or not choosing from any of the options. In the end, she relented with vanilla ice cream. 


Lights on or lights off? 

 This loaded question made her stop for a moment. With a giggle she answered, “Lights off.” 


Rice or noodles? 

 Never ask an east Asian to choose between the two. After a second of consideration, Ozawa opted for noodles. 


Talking or listening? 

 This is a vague one and it can imply anything. This is why she briefly struggled before replying, “Talking.” 


Skirts or pants? 

 We failed to catch what Maria said before giving her answer. Nevertheless, she picked pants. 


Save or spend? 

 This relates to the previous query of “cash or card?”. Since she selected card, then it follows that she would spend, right? 


Tequila or vodka? 

 This was the only question where Miyabi was enthusiastic to respond – that is tequila with emphasis. 


Sushi or sashimi? 

 If “rice or noodles?” would stump an Asian, “sushi or sashimi?” would render a Japanese speechless. This is exactly what happened before she blurted, “Sashimi.” 


What did we learn from these questions from Maria Ozawa’s fans? Ask interesting questions, and we get interesting answers. 

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